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Network Operations Center -- Brazil Superior Labor Court

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Network Operations Center -- Brazil Superior Labor Court
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Network Operations Center -- Brazil Superior Labor Court

Based in Brasilia, the Superior Labor Court or Tribunal Superior do Trabalho (TST) is one of five high courts in Brazil. Its primary purpose is to standardize Brazilian labor laws and develop guidelines for the implementation of labor processes. For their new technology center, the court required a control management and display system that would securely protect system data, control operator access to resources, and enable the processing and monitoring of system data, including remote sources, related to the TST and regional labor courts.

Display4, RGB Spectrum’s Brazilian partner, developed a comprehensive network operation center (NOC) to address all the court’s needs. At the core of this system is MultiPoint Enterprise which allows security specialists to monitor and protect all aspects of the court’s network and security operations. The system is used to control a shared video wall and all signal routing. In addition to the MultiPoint Enterprise system, the TST installation uses RGB Spectrum’s wire-based signal extenders and IP streaming codecs.

"RGB Spectrum is renowned for the reliability of their hardware products, and the MultiPoint Enterprise system provides a way to integrate control of all system resources" remarked Marcos Pires, Director of Display4. "An air-gapped architecture provides operators with KVM control over computers and servers without allowing them to "touch" or tamper with the data itself. For this government facility, the level of information security provided by the MultiPoint Enterprise system was one of the biggest benefits."

The MultiPoint Enterprise system is compatible with a range of RGB Spectrum hardware and software components that can be combined into a custom-designed solution. In the system developed for the TST, RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall Display Processor is used to drive a 5x2 video wall array of 55" monitors while a RGB Spectrum Linx Matrix Switcher routes signals throughout the system.

RGB Spectrum’s CAT-Linx 2 HDBaseT extenders enable operators to send data to rooms across the facility. This extension/streaming enables the vault-like NOC room to be monitored from four remote locations for added security.

MultiPoint Enterprise integrates system resources and provides shared, arbitrated keyboard and mouse control of the TST’s data and facility management systems. Specialists typically use the video wall and workstations to monitor a combination of analytics dashboards, graphics, text, and live video from a variety of sources:

  • Zabbix - a monitoring platform that gathers and visualizes data from multiple servers
  • VMS systems - with live video feeds of the equipment racks, access control points, power supplies, physical maintenance
  • System information on data usage and back-up events
  • Indicators of potential network threats/data breaches
  • Physical/environmental factors - temperature, alarms, health of system components

The RGB Spectrum and Display4 designed NOC solution provides the TST with a number of benefits. With the ability to be expanded and reconfigured, the MultiPoint Enterprise system offered the court a long-term value proposition. In addition to the air-gapped security to protect system resources, MultiPoint Enterprise uses integration at the video level to consolidate control of all systems, even legacy systems with no network connectivity. It provides operators with access to real-time video feeds, graphics and data, which helps them maintain the integrity of the networked system. Finally, its intuitive, easy-to-use interface with live thumbnails and "drag-and-drop" signal routing capabilities minimizes the time required to train new operators.

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